The Marks & Spencer ‘It’ Dress

Marks & Spencer Dress

Marks & Spencer has always been the shop I buy my knickers from and the occasional £10 Meal for 2 Deal. I may have occasionally had a wander around the women’s section while Lee stocked up on work shirts but I can’t say it’s a shop I would head towards during a normal shopping trip. That was until last week.

Marks & Spencer Dress

As my day job requires me to be on Social Media all day I saw this dress pop up on several Instagram feeds. Normally I don’t take too much notice of ‘It’ dresses or the hype surrounding them but there was something special about the look of this dress and before i knew it i have made my 1st clothing purchase from M&S Online.

Marks & Spencer Dress

The beauty of this dress is it’s so versatile. For a casual day look, you can pair it with flats or converse trainers and for a more dressy occasion, strappy heels or wedges help transform the dress from day to-night. I choose to add a belt to the dress just to break up the silhouette but the dress looks just as nice without it. The fabric is very light and the cut of the dress means it’s very feminine and with the addition of pockets, this dress is so easy and comfortable to wear.

Marks & Spencer Dress

There has been another couple of patterns of this dress and even a jumpsuit. This is the type of dress i would buy in every colour they bring out in the future. I am glad I purchased this particular coloured design as now we are moving towards the end of Summer I will be able to pair this dress with tights & boots to see me through the colder months.

Marks & Spencer Dress

So , from now on I will be keeping my eye firmly on the M&S website for all their latest releases. No more will I think of good old Mark & Spencer just for my knickers and the occasional posh meal deal.

What are your thoughts on M&S’s clothing range? Do you regularly shop in the store?

Comment below with what you think of the ‘It’ dress.



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