The Escape ( To Reality )

As we move towards the last few days of the kid’s summer holidays I think a good percentage of us can relate to this …………

Now, I’m sure none of us would actually do it, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasised about boarding a flight to Ibiza to let off some steam. Even with a more flexible career I still have to work so it’s either been a choice of expensive childcare or trying to manage to work from home with 2 kids here. Just to clarify my children are not the type to sit playing nicely with a jigsaw they are loud feral animals who can’t go more than 2 minutes without screaming my name or trying to decapitate each other. If I hear ‘Baby Shark’ one more time I think I may have to throw myself into the shark tank at the Sea Life Centre.

Gin & Prozac

We all joke about bottles of gin and Prozac prescriptions but for me, the summer holidays have been one long slog. I have either been racing around dropping off and picking up the kids or working or buying extra food or washing extra piles of washing or cleaning up a house that has been trashed ten times a day. Being self-employed I no longer have the luxury of paid holidays so between my Social Media Business and my Blog I have been working 7 days a week.

The Reality

I had lots of plans for days out but between the crap weather and the reality of trying to struggle with 2 kids alone, we have barely been anywhere. I hate children’s play centres with a passion and with Charley still being small I’m not confident letting her go off on her own. So most of our days together have been watching films, baking terrible cakes or letting them watch the Ipad just to get some peace.

Where’s Lee?

Probably the same place as your husband. In the pub, in bed recovering from being at the pub, at the gym, at work being ‘very busy’, popped around to his mates house. This list is endless. Pretty much anywhere but at home helping me with the kids. It’s kind of like being a single parent but you have to wash and clean up after an invisible extra person. I don’t see this situation changing anytime soon.

Mummy Nights Out

Nights out without either the kids or Lee  next to me are few and far between. The problem with having lots of other Mummy friends is it takes months to pin down a date you can all do. Between dance shows, husbands on stag weekends & family events, the mention of a couple of quick cocktails next Friday turns into a military operation that ends up being pencilled in for 5 weeks on Saturday.


So while I have no firm plans to get on a train one way to Paris anytime soon, the trailer for The Escape has definitely struck a chord with me in more ways than one.I look forward to seeing the full film to see how it ends.


Have you ever fantasised about packing your bags and escaping?  ( even just for a few days )


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