My New Gucci Handbag – Vestiaire Collective Site Review

Gucci bag purchased from Vestiaire

Pre-Loved & Not Forgotten

We all love a bargain and where possible we all love a bit of designer fashion. I decided to celebrate my 1st year anniversary of being self-employed by treating myself to a Gucci handbag. Now it would be lovely to have a spare £800 to splash out on a bag but that would mean beans on toast for the whole family for the next 6 months. Instead what I decided to do was test out a new(ish) pre-loved designer fashion website called Vestiaire Collective. The big difference with buying from Vestiarie is they guarantee the authenticity of all of the items listed on the site. No more worrying if you are going to end up parting with your hard-earned cash for a Taiwan knockoff.



Gucci bag purchased from Vestiaire

Using The Vestiarre Collective Site

The Vestiaire site is really easy to use and can be sorted by designer or budget. Realistically I only wanted to spend a maximum of £100 on my Gucci bag so I got rid of the more expensive temptations and worked my way through the listings in my price range. I love anything vintage so when I saw this Gucci Satchel advertised for only £90.00, I knew it was the one for me. Just like eBay, you can haggle a bit, so I got the seller to knock off £15 as I knew it had been listed for a couple of months and she wanted a quick sale. Payment wise I used PayPal and as per the instructions once I had paid I received an email to say the seller would post the item to  Vestiaire Collective for authenticity checking and once it had been verified I would receive the bag within 7 days. The staff at Vestiaire are highly trained in making sure no one receives counterfeit items and each piece is checked for not only authenticity but also for the condition it was advertised in. I was more than pleasantly surprised when 4 days later my bag was delivered to my door.

Gucci bag purchased from Vestiaire

First Impressions

I was instantly in love with the Gucci Satchel as soon as I saw it. The condition was amazing for a vintage piece and it still had the original key for the catch at the top. It is pretty oversized which is perfect for me as I sometimes carry around my purse, camera, phone and other blogging items needed on days/nights out. As much as I would have loved a brand new Gucci bag, this one has real character and smells of a deep perfume. The inside is lined in silk and you can tell that  the previous owner has looked after it. The style is not going to date and will still look as beautiful in another 20 years. This is a bag I will definitely be handing down to Charley.

Gucci bag purchased from Vestiaire


I will mainly be using my new Gucci purchase as an evening bag but as it’s a classic design it could be used for any occasion. At a recent Blogger Event, I styled the bag with my M&S dress and Gucci belt and received lots of compliments on my whole outfit. I will definitely be purchasing again from the  Vestiaire  Collective site as not only have I got a bargain new Gucci handbag, the service and transaction were really smooth and professional.

So, if you are on the lookout for a designer item or want to point your hubby in the right direction for Christmas then I would 100% recommend taking a look at the  Vestiaire Collective site. Who knows what bargains you will find.

Gucci bag purchased from Vestiaire




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