Why Everyone Needs A Duvet Day

Last week I got struck down with a nasty chest infection that totally wiped me out. In my old life, I would have simply called in sick and enjoyed a couple of days curled up in a duvet watching Netflix & drinking warm Vimto. These days in my self-employed life I don’t have that luxury so I soldiered on with every intention of spending Saturday in bed. Anyone that knows me knows me will know it takes a lot to get me to rest or sit down for more than 5 minutes but on this occasion, I got to Friday night barely standing.


No Place Like Bed

One of the reasons ( apart from the nasty infection ) that I was happy to take to my bed was our new super king sized Silentnight divan with  Miracoil Ortho Mattress that got delivered 2 weeks ago. If that didn’t already feel like sleeping on a cloud then the addition of the newly launched Silentnight AirMax Pillows and Bed Topper & Duvet makes it feel like Heaven on Earth. This weekend was particularly cold and miserable so I have thoroughly enjoyed being curled up in bed away from the autumn weather. What I have found with the  AirMax Duvet is even though it is a 10.5 tog it is not heavy or restricting like most winter duvets. This Duvet has been specially constructed with air mesh walls which increase airflow inside the duvet. This helps to provide more warmth with less weight to help keep you cosy, fresh and comfortable all night. Also unlike most duvets, you can stick it in the washing machine on a 40-degree cycle, so my horrid germs can be washed away. 

What I got Up To In Bed

My duvet day consisted of watching Trashy Tv, eating far too many carbs and sleeping. I allowed myself a full day of slothing in my bed while the house got trashed around me. They urge to clean up the mess was overpowered by the total bliss of enjoying doing nothing. I can’t say having a nasty bug was fun but recuperating in a huge comfy bed did ease the pain of being ill. I woke up on Sunday feeling like a new woman but didn’t tell that to Lee so I got to have a lie in for an extra couple of hours. May as well take full advantage of my new surroundings.


If you would like to upgrade your duvet to the Silentnight AirMax then check out QVC’s TSV (Today’s Special Value) deal on Thursday at www.qvc.co.uk for a heavenly deal.




** This post was in collaboration with Silentnight but all my thoughts & opinions are my own **


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