Hello Is it Me You Have Been Looking For ???


Hello, is it me you have been looking for?? 🧐

As some of you are new to my blog I thought I would take this chance to say ‘hello’ and introduce myself. 👋 ❤️

I’m Becci, Mummy to Harry & Charley-Rose and owner of a social media consultancy called The Social Flamingo. 👦👧 ❤️

I’m in my late 30’s and I live with my husband and kids in a village just outside of Blackpool. 🏠 ❤️

When I started my blog just over 3 years ago I wanted an outlet to write about our daily life and to give an honest account of how being a Mummy really isn’t that that natural. It’s dams hard work!🥵 ❤️

2 years ago, with my corporate career going nowhere, my blog taking off and a large dose of dumb faith I quit my safe, well paid job in the city to go it alone and set up my own social media consultancy. 🙏 ❤️

So, today you find me sharing my love of fashion, flowers & family. I’m still The UnNatural Mother, just my nappy bag has been replaced with a Gucci clutch and I have finally learnt that the more mistakes you make as a Mummy , the better you get at the job 🤪 ❤️

Say ‘hello’ to me and introduce yourself 👋


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