The UnNatural Mother – 3 Years On

The UnNatural Mother


So here we are nearly 3 years down the line and in many ways, my little old blog has changed my life. It kept me sane in the  dark days of postnatal depression,  allowed me to share the highs and lows of motherhood and support other mums & dads in my position. My blog has given me a new career, a chance to build my own business and most of all a platform to have my voice heard.

It started as a tongue in cheek diary of my crazy life while on Maternity.  I never really intended to carry on after I went back to my corporate career but it was very apparent, very quickly that my heart was not in the corporate world anymore and I longed to be at my laptop writing and feeling free. I spent a good 6 months wrestling with giving up my established career or following my heart and taking a leap of faith on nothing more than a whimsical dream. Well, you all know what I did and though I do miss my lovely colleagues and a big fat regular paycheck, I don’t miss that gut-wrenching feeling of carrying on in a career that no longer made me happy.


The UnNatural Mother


Three years on and we still seem to be going strong. With a fancy award under my belt and a steady income coming in, my blog has become my life. I seriously considered rebranding last year and moving away from the name The UnNatural Mother but as much as I have got into the swing of things, I still find Motherhood a challenge. My 2 didn’t come with an instruction manual and I would 100% say they are both missing a few screws ( they take after their Dad ) so my role as a Mummy is still a day – by – day learning curb. My passion for fashion has taken over my Instagram feed and can often be found popping up here. I have documented my career path with its twists and turns, you will see a lot more interior design as I update the house during the summer but the beating heart of my blog is still and will always be my life as a Mummy.


For all the tantrums and tears ( mainly mine ) the 2 most important moments in my life was giving birth to Harry and Charley. The realisation that however much I try to think of myself as a career driven modern women, I gave up a dream job just to be able to be the one picking them up from school and taking them to the 3,0000 kids parties each week.


So, you may see a few new bits & bobs popping up on the blog. I will keep you up to date with the latest fashions and how I am building a new career in a new industry but The UnNatural Mother has always been and will always be a brutally honest account of motherhood from a Mummy who is learning one fuck up at a time.


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