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ALDI Skincare range


I have shopped at ALDI for over 5 years but apart from buying eye makeup remover, I have never used any of ALDI’s  Skincare range. It was only on a visit 4 weeks ago I noticed the Healthy Glow Toner and remembered seeing an article in Marie Clare about how great it was. You will all know I am very much a Body Shop girl. After years of buying Clinique and really struggling with adult acne I started using The Body Shop skincare and makeup range and have never looked back. BUT with so many amazing reviews coming from the fashion magazines and the convenience of picking up your skin care with your weekly shop, I thought I would test out as many  ALDI skincare products as I could find on the shelf. Here’s what I thought of each of the products.



ALDI Skincare range

Hot Cloth Cleanser – £3.99

Pretty much a dupe for Liz Earls Hot Cloth Cleaner but at a fraction of the £17.00 price tag, ALDI’s version has many of the same ingredients and consistency. I used this instead of my holy grail Bodyshop Camomile Scrumptious Butter for taking my makeup off at night and refreshing my skin in the morning. On the first application, I was a little taken back with the strong smell and tingling caused by the Eucalyptus oil. It kind of felt like I had smeared Vicks Vapour Rub around my face. I do have to say by the 3rd application the tingling didn’t bother me as I knew what to expect. The feel was very luxurious and once you got over the strong smell it did feel like I was having a little facial with every application. It had a lovely warming feeling on the skin and I could feel the ingredients working on my skin.  As far as makeup removal, I didn’t feel like it took my make up off fully. I wear a tinted moisturiser during the day with light power and a light application of mascara. Even after a 2nd wash I still had makeup residue left on my skin. By comparison to my usual cleanser which melts even the heaviest of makeup after the first wash, ALDI’s Hot Cloth Cleanser was more suited to a pamper experience rather than a  makeup remover.

Mark 5/10        Buy Again – No



ALDI Skincare range

 Midnight Power Eye Cream – £3.99

I have tried lots of eye creams over the years and have suffered from dark circles since becoming a Mum ( thanks kids ). I tend to normally use a serum type eye cream as I like a lighter consistency. This is marketed as a cream but it much more like a gel. I like anything you can stick on a night and works while you sleep. It doesn’t have a particular smell to it which is great as I have sensitive eyes and have previously found my eyes watering after using other brands. The texture is gel like and very light. A couple of tiny blobs and gentle patting around the eye area was enough for it to sink straight in. I found the  Midnight Power Eye Cream very soothing and instantly refreshing on my eye area. Within the first week, I noticed my eyes looking much brighter and my dark circles looking less pronounced. I didn’t need to add my usual thick concealer and my eye area looked plumped up and not sallow.

Mark – 8/10   Buy Again – Yes




ALDI Skincare range

Caviar Illumination Day Cream SPF15 – £6.99

More expensive than the rest of the range I was excited to try this day cream out. I don’t have a particular favourite day cream and am happy to flit from one brand to another. As a rule, I don’t normally wear day creams with SPF in them as they can cause flashback ( greasy looking white skin ) when used with makeup in a photo. I had heard amazing things about the Caviar range so I thought I would break my own rules and try it out. The consistency is quite thick so be warned you only need a little bit. I was worried as I have oily skin that it wouldn’t sink in but it used sparingly it was the perfect formula. It left my skin feeling very dehydrated and the perfect base for a primer. In photo’s, there was a minimal flashback and with the addition of a little extra power, you couldn’t really tell. Having tried lots of day creams I can’t say it’s a direct dupe for any I have used before. It stands out for its self and at a price tag of £6.99 rather than £39.99, I would definitely buy again.

Mark 8/10   Buy Again – Yes until I see another one I want to try.




ALDI Skincare range

Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask – Was £5.99, Down to £3.99

I have very high hopes for this mud mask as it comes in a very fancy box & tub just like Glam Glow which retails around the £30.00 mark. I am a huge fan of mud mask as they help to keep my acne at bay and draw out any impurities lurking under my skin. My go-to mud mask is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask by Body Shop which I love applying twice a week and enjoying a good old soak in the bath. The consistency of the Exfoliating Mud Mask is a thick paste. You can put it on with your fingers but I found a brush easier to apply it with. It contains Witch Hazel so you do get an instant tingling feeling as it touches the skin. It wasn’t too overpowering but It wasn’t a comfortable feeling. The recommended time to leave on is 10 minutes, but after 8 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and soaked a muslin cloth to start removing the mask. It was like removing concrete off my face and as gentle as I tried to be it hurt like hell and left my skin feeling sore and dried out. If you do decide to try this do not use it any more than once a week. It sucked the life out of my skin and left me with red patches.

Mark – 3/10 Buy Again – No




ALDI Skincare range

Glow Exfoliating Tonic – £3.99

I have used glycolic toner for a couple of years and they have helped to reduce my pore size and gently exfoliate the scars left from my teenage acne. ALDI’s version is a direct dupe for PIXI’s Glow Tonic and even the smell is the same. I use a glycolic toner after cleansing my skin every night before putting on any night creams and serums. I have always been a fan of Glycollic Acid 7% Toning Solution by The Ordinary but it’s hard to get hold of on the site as it’s always sold out. ALDI’s version is surprisingly good. You can feel it working and exfoliating your skin without leaving it feeling dried out. Straight after application, my skin was left looking brighter and plumped up. Toning is one of the stages many women leave out of their skincare regimes but for me, it’s the most important for regulating the skins Ph levels and reducing the size of the pores. I am very much a convert to ALDI’s. Glow Exfoliating Tonic and this will be a regular in my shopping trolley.

Mark – 10/10    Buy Again – Yes, Yes, Yes




ALDI Skincare range

Q10 Renew Anti Wrinkle-Intensive serum – £3.99

This was the dark horse of the bunch. I threw it in the trolley without really looking what it did. After cleansing and toning, I always put a serum on my skin before any night creams. I have used The Body Shops Drops of Youth™ Concentrate for 2 years and it’s also among my holy grail skin care items. Of all the products I thought I would miss during this trial I thought this would be the one ……… But It now has some stiff competition from ALDI’s Q10 Renew Anti Wrinkle-Intensive Serum. This stuff is like liquid gold for the skin. It smells amazing, is really light and soothes even the sorest of skin ( perfect for after the mud mask ) The consistently is a cream that turns to a gel/serum in your hand. Super light and nourishing I quickly became addicted to using it at night. Along with the eye cream, my face appeared refreshed and glowing each morning. Thanks to the combination I needed less makeup to cover my skin and was actually happy to go bare-faced more often.

Mark 10+ /10   Buy Again – Yes, already stocked up on it.




I hope this review has answered some of your questions about ALDI’s Lacura Skincare range. It just shows that even someone who is very much stuck in their ways where skin care products are concerned, you can still find a few gems by giving them a try. I will now be stocking up on my favourites each week and look forward to any new releases that ALDI brings out. If you have tried the range or this post has inspired you to try some out, let me know your thoughts in the comments.




ALDI Skincare range






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