Finding My Business Tribe

My busienss tribe


It’s pretty much coming up to 2 years since I decided to quit my corporate career and set up my own Social Media Consultancy.  Building an empire has taken all my time & energy but I haven’t come this far, to only come this far.

You may have seen on Instagram that I have been having quite a lot of coffee meetings with other women in business, partly to make a few more connections but also to pick their brains on how they run their own companies. Blogging and social media go hand in hand so as a business The Social Flamingo is ticking along nicely. BUT …. as anyone who knows me knows would say, ticking along is not good enough for me and I want to be rocketing at the speed of light.

Money (rightly or wrongly) has always been a big part of my careers. For the 10 years I worked as an Account Manager I was luckily enough to be on a high salary with lots of perks. Building an empire from scratch was always going to take time and financial investment but I am definitely at the stage where I feel I can add to my list of client services. I am lucky enough that within my Account Management career and now working with different clients across different industries I have gained a large amount of experience in PR, marketing and event planning. All very sort after skills. It was only the other day when I was updating my LinkedIn profile that I realised what I do on a day to day basis under the head of Social Communications Consultant.

For anyone who like me feels they are at a crossroad in their career, I really do recommend speaking to other women in business for inspiration. From only 2 coffee meetings I have now got 10 new contacts and the invite to a very prestigious networking group.  An honest opinion of your business and some very helpful suggestions for how to capitalise on your skills has meant I have come away even more determined to grow and expand my business.

My business tribe

So, what’s next? For a start a heck lot more, coffee with inspirational women in business. For the price of a latte, I am getting so much from chatting and brainstorming fresh new ways to make money. It has also felt great to give them advice on how to grow their business through Social Media and blog writing. The main thing I have come away from my meetings so far is if you have an idea, act on it before someone else does. I have investigated a couple of new short courses to brush up on my marketing and event planning skills and then from there extend my business to offer these services.

I am slowly building my tribe of inspiring women to surround myself with. Their positivity and fresh ideas are giving me a new lease of life in my business and the kick up the bum you act on my ideas.

If you know anyone you think I should chat with or meet for a coffee pop their name in the comments below. The bigger the tribe the more inspiration I can find.


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