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Sea Life Blackpool

We are no strangers to Sea Life Blackpool and you may remember us Vlogging one of our trips from a couple of years ago. You can check it out here. Harry loves David Attenborough so a trip to Sea Life Blackpool is always top of his list to do on school holidays. This was Charley’s 3rd time to Sea Life Blackpool as we have been a couple of times before mid-week to their Parent & Toddler sessions which only costs £11.00 for an adult and child.


Sea Life Blackpool Pictures of Harry and Charley dressed as sea divers

Under The Sea

Both the kids love the hands-on experience so the rockpools filled with small creatures and starfish is always a good place to start. Harry says it reminded him of our holiday at Haven Hafan y Môr where we spent most of the week on the beach catching sea creatures. I really like that the staff are very friendly and when an over-enthusiastic 6-year-old fires 4,0000 questions at them they happily answer them without breaking a sweat.


Sea Life Blackpool rock pool


There are several large tanks throughout the Sea Life Blackpool with not only sea creatures but frogs and even butterflies. Every time we visit there is more and more new attractions and things to see. We always do the free quiz where the kids have to find clues as they go around to make up a special word and collect a certificate at the end. This along with the obligatory Sea Life Blackpool pencils & rubbers are always our take home souvenirs.


Sea Life Blackpool undersea adventure

Monthly Events

Each month the Sea Life Blackpool runs different events themed around underwater fun. When we visited the theme was Jawsom Sharks where we had to find all the sharks teeth hidden around the aquarium. The present theme is Underwater SuperHeroes and running from the 15th June it’s Mermaids & Pirates. They really try and make learning as fun as possible and what child doesn’t love a certificate ???


Conservation is still the main aim of the Sea Life Blackpool and throughout the aquarium, you can see areas for the key messages of Breed, Rescue & Protect. They are actually one of the pioneers in Shark & Seahorse breeding in the UK and run the Big Fish Campaign which educates home aquarium owners how to buy fish responsibly.


Sea Life Blackpool shark tunnel

Ladies First

Our favourite part of Blackpool Sea Life is the large shark tunnel and viewing area. We normally spend at least an hour walking through the tunnel over and over again looking at all the different sharks and fish in the huge tank. Harry says one day he would love to do one of the shark experiences.  We finished our 20th lap of the tunnel just as it was feeding time which is accompanied by a talk by one of the members of the Sea Life Blackpool Team. Feeding time is about 20 minutes long and they explain who is in the pecking order when it came to being fed first. I was very pleased to hear that it was ladies first with Lulu the very large Green Sea Turtle being top of the list. Even the 6ft blacktip reef shark didn’t dare steal her food for fear of getting on her wrong side. It was very fascinating to hear about these creatures in the wild and how they all cohabit without the fear of being eaten by each other.


Sea Life Blackpool shark tank

Perfect Family Day Out

The Sea Life Blackpool is a great family day out with so much to see and do. Harry always comes back with dreams of having a pet shark and Charley thinks she is a Mermaid with all the fish around her. Tickets are available to buy on the door but it’s always cheaper to plan your trip and buy online ( click here). I hope you have found this review helpful and if you are reading this wondering if you should go to Sea Life Blackpool then it’s a big thumbs up from us.



#This post was in collaboration with Sea Life Blackpool. We have kindly gifted the tickets in return for an honest review. All my thoughts and opinions are my own.





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