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Blinds before and after

Man Not Required

God bless my husband but DIY is not his strong point. When it comes to building flatpacks or fixing things around the house it’s me who gets the toolbox out and gets the job done. I have just completed redecorating the front room, stairs & kitchen and the last thing on my ‘things to do’ list was to pick some new blinds for the kitchen & landing windows.  I could have rung a national blinds company who would have sent one of their rep’s around with 3,00000 sample books, then taken 4 weeks to order and fit the blinds for me. Instead, I jumped online to who I have used before and checked out their latest stock ( click here to take a look yourself).



Measuring & Ordering

They have blinds for every shape of the window and with their easy to follow measurement guide it took less than 5 minutes to get the right size details. Once you have the right measurements you can then search which blinds can be tailored to your windows. As this was for the back kitchen & landing windows and I love as much light coming through as possible I choose the faux wooden slat blinds with tape. The exact model can be found here. This meant that during the day I could pull them up or have the slats fully open and then at night I could have them fully closed for total privacy. I also choose to have the blinds fit inside the window ( also known as recess ) but you also get the choice of having them exact ( fitting on the outside of the window )


Blinds before and after


Delivery & Fitting

Delivery took 2 days and arrived in 2 flat pack boxes. I had a good read of all the instructions  & watched the below video before I started to assemble the parts together. The process is straight forward but I did realise at the point I was ready to put the blinds up that due to the size of the kitchen window and it being over the sink, I needed an extra pair of hands to get the ends into both brackets. This was the only part I needed Lee for !! The blinds fit perfectly and altogether fitting both the kitchen and landing took less than 30 minutes.



Final Thoughts

The whole process of using was easy and straight forward. Both blinds came to less than £100.00 which was a saving of £150 compared to using a national company. I have had lots of compliments about the design and style I choose and am really impressed with the service I received. The video’s and diagrams were additional help and as a woman who completed 98% of this on her own, I am pretty chuffed with myself. I would happily recommend the company to anyone looking for blinds for their home and with a little bit of elbow grease and an extra pair of hands you can save yourself £100’s compared to ordering through a national blind fitting company.


Blinds before and after


*Both sets of blinds were kindly gifted to me as part of a collaboration with My thoughts and opinions are my own.


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