The End Of Fake-Tan Stained Sheets with Tannco #Sponsored

Fake Tan

I have been using fake tan for as long as I can remember. While my friends were frying themselves on sunbeds I discovered St Tropez and faking it till you make it. I would now say I was a pro at applying a fake tan. I am normally the one bronzing & buffing arms and legs before a night out.  A nice healthy looking fake tan makes everyone feel and look better.

The main problem with using fake tan is that while it’s developing it can transfer off your skin onto clothes and bedding. If like me you like to tan at night you will know the age-old problem of not only waking up with beautiful tanned skin but also tan stained bed sheets.

This was a huge & expensive problem for me as I ruined 2 duvet covers with fake tan in less than 6 weeks. After chatting to another fake tan enthusiast they told me about Tannco sheets which are made from super soft, leak-proof Habutai Art Silk that you lay in like a sort of silk, tan protecting sleeping bag. The light, soft and silky fabric is comfortable & relaxing helping your tan stay in place and bedsheets stain free.

Fake Tan

My Tanning Routine


Fake Tan


Since using the Tannco sheet my tan seems to develop deeper and last longer. My bedsheets have stayed pristine and my husband is happy I haven’t ruined a 3rd duvet cover. It’s comfortable to sleep in, easy to use and stores away neatly in its little pouch. I would highly recommend the Tannco sheet to any tanning enthusiast like me. You will get lots of use out of it. it takes less than a minute to set up and it’s so comfortable the only problem you will have is getting out of bed each morning.


For more details and to buy your own Tannco sheet click here:


Fake Tan


This post was in collaboration with Tannco but all my thoughts & opinions are my own


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