A Summer Of Fun With Tiny Pop + Competition #AD

Tiny Pop


Tiny Pop Summer Snaps Competition

Earlier this week me & Harry were invited to an event on Blackpool beach hosted by Tiny Pop to celebrate the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps competition. Viewers can enter by customising their favourite summer holiday fun photos on the POP FUN app or website for the chance to wins loads of great prizes! Click HERE for details of how to enter and to see the prizes on offer.

We arrived at the event nice and early as we wanted to watch  Sand In Your Eye create a giant 60ft sand design of The Cookie Monster on the beach. Watching  Sand In Your Eye in  action was amazing and Harry couldn’t wait to have a go himself. The team provided all the equipment and me & Harry got to create our favourite  Tiny Pop characters in the sand.


Tiny Pop Competition


Catboy design in the sand


Sand Art Workshop by Sand In Your Eye

As Charley was at nursery we decided to start with her favourite Tiny Pop character Molang. Charley loves watching Molang and for anyone not familiar with the show, Molang is a very cute bunny who travels the world on adventures with his best friend Piu Piu. It’s a super cute show and Charley is excited for all the new episodes coming this summer.

Harry is a true PJ Mask fan and didn’t need any help with creating his Catboy sand design. From the age of 2, he loved everything Catboy, so much so before the merchandise was available in the UK we had to ship over the costume and figures from the US and pay a huge import tax bill just so he could open them on Christmas Morning. The things we do for our kids.

Even I had a go at creating a sand design. As a child of the early 80’s it had to be Rainbow Bright from the Carebear. There is something very nostalgic about sitting and watching Carebears on Tiny Pop with Charley. My mum still has my Rainbow Bright in the spare room at her house.

The event & workshop was finished off with several large ice cream cones and a walk around to see everyone else’s creations.


Tiny Pop Icecream seller


How To Enter the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps Competition

If you would like to join in the celebrations too then you can enter the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps Competition here: https://www.tinypop.com/contests/tiny-pop-summer-snaps

To view all the latest show and times on Tiny Pop click here: https://www.tinypop.com/


Tiny Pop Competition



This post was in collaboration with Tiny Pop to celebrate the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps Competition. I was paid for my time to create this post but all my thoughts & opinions are my own.



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