Kids Cool Halloween Fashion


 Kids Cool Halloween Fashion

Halloween doesn’t have to mean tacky polyester costumes and plastic masks. There is a wide selection of  Kids Cool Halloween Fashion available in stores and online to get the kids in the spirit of Halloween without the need for fake blood smeared across your cream sofa. Stop buying a costume that will only be worn once, probably fall to pieces on the night and then end up rotting in a landfill for the next 30 years. Choose items that can be matched together with a cool Halloween theme, but then can be worn separately for the rest of the year. A simple black dress, with some sparkly shoes and bat hair clips, will transform any little girl into a Good Witch rather than the Wicked Witch Of the West. Boys will love a cool Tshirt & jeans combo and with the selection of skeleton jumpers presently online you will be keeping his little bones warm while he goes out trick or treating.


Your Bank Manager won’t get spooked out with your spending as items are on sale from as little as £3.50. So whether you are just looking for some cool Halloween accessories or a head to toe outfit, check out the selection above for some alternative Kids Cool Halloween Fashion.


  2. HALLOWEEN Meri Meri glittered feather crown – £13.00
  3. Orange Halloween Pumpkin Sleepsuit (0-18mths) £7.00
  4. Stella McCartney Black Biz Halloween Sweatshirt – £40.30
  5. Blade & Rose Black & Grey Cotton Tights -£10.00
  6. Halloween Black Cat Stud Earrings – £5.00
  7. Black Splatter Boo Crew Slogan Halloween T-Shirt – From £4.00
  8. Halloween Pumpkin Print Jersey Dress – From £5.00
  9. Halloween Black Skeleton Long Sleeve Top – From £3.50
  10. Manuela de Juan Girls Green Leather Shoes – £74.00 
  11. Meri Meri glittered bow hair clips pack of two – £8.00
  12. Nightmare Before Christmas PJ’s – £13.99
  13. Halloween Multicoloured Socks 3 Pack – From £3.00









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