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As a busy mum & business owner, I spend most of my life on the go. If a deadline needs meeting, then I can often be found writing away at 3 am and missing out on vital sleep. Combine that with juggling 2 kids, their schoolwork & after school activities, my daily diet consisted of coffee, leftovers from the kids plates and chocolate biscuits. Everything is fine until you end up so run down you are bedridden for 3 days.

Making Some Positive Changes

If there were an extra 4 hours in the day then I may be able to go shopping each day for fresh fruit and vegetables and prepare homecooked meals from scratch each night. Realistically I don’t have the time to do that so I decided to try Gorgeous Greens for 30 days to see if this helped with my energy levels. Gorgeous Green is a mix of superfoods packed with goodness to support your body and release natural energy. Crammed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants Gorgeous Greens is a natural source of vitamin C which contributes to collagen formation, protects cells from oxidative stress, reduces tiredness and fatigue & helps your immune system.

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Putting Gorgeous Greens to The Test

For 30 days I have swapped my usual school run flask of coffee for a fresh Gorgeous Greens smoothie. I decided to add banana & some pineapple for extra fibre, but the powder mixed with ice-cold water is still palatable.  You can watch my IGTV video on how I make my morning smoothies here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B4y8cK3FvIu/

Making the smoothie each day takes less than 1 minute and by drinking it while doing the school run I find I have drunk it all before I even get to the school gates. The first couple of days I found myself popping to the loo a bit more than normal, but this also meant by my stomach felt less bloated and sluggish. By day 4 I felt like I had more energy and my acne-prone skin was starting to look a lot clearer. Gorgeous Greens contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps with skin hydration and cell reproduction.

As the ingredients are 100% natural, I even make the powder into a paste with a small amount of water and used it as a facemask. As mad as this sound it makes my skin glow after a 10-minute applicationBy day 10 I no longer needed to take my sugary pre-workout drink to get me through my gym sessions. My daily dose of super greens gave me a natural boost of energy and stamina. Though I was not taking it to lose weight the debloating and natural detoxification meant I have got back into my size Size 10 gym clothes.



As I have just finished day 30 and the end of my first packet of Gorgeous Greens, I can say I feel much better within in myself and my body for taking it daily. I haven’t succumbed to any colds or illnesses in the last 30 days even when both the kids have been off ill with nasty bugs. My sleeping patterns are much better, and I woke up feeling fresh. As a suffer from IBS I often feel bloated and sluggish, but within a few days of drinking Gorgeous Greens the bloating had gone and I felt full of energy. As a bonus, my skin is now so much clearer. I don’t need to wear as much makeup and it’s quicker to get ready each day. Such a simple change to my daily routine has made a huge difference to me. I am still having to work 24/7 but I no longer feel tired all the time. For less than £1.00* a day I am now getting all the important nutrients to feed my body and help me get through the day. I would 100% recommend Gorgeous Greens to anyone looking to boost their energy levels naturally.


Gorgeous Greens have kindly given me a 15% off discount code for my followers to use against their first purchase. Simply click here: Gorgeous Greens and add discount code: BECCI at the checkout.


I hope you have found this post beneficial and it can to help you break your coffee & sugar dependence. Sometimes it only takes change a small thing in your lifestyle to see a big change.




*£1.00 a day based on using my 15% off discount code 


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