The Busy Mums Guide To Cleaning – Top Hints & Tricks

Cleaning glitter up with a hover

The kids are back at school and you have finally got around to taking the Christmas decorations down. There is glitter in places you didn’t know glitter could get. The time has come to stick on your Marigolds, grab your Zeflora and get down & dirty in 2020.

Now, let’s be clear here I am no Mrs Hinch. I hate cleaning with a passion but it’s a fact of life so a few hacks can help ease the pain. I asked my fellow busy mums & Bloggers to pass onto me their best cleaning hacks to help start 2020 sparkling & new.


Jo – Get the children to help. Race to see who can do the most 😄


Beth – Try to do a load of washing a day. I’ve only recently started doing this instead of saving it all for the weekend but it’s made laundry as a whole more manageable, as I’m not left with mountains of washing to dry and put away at once. If your machine has a timer, then load it before bed and set it to come on an hour before you wake up so the washing is good to go before you leave for work in the morning


Freeman LLianne –  Wet wipes are good for cleaning EVERYTHING 


Gemma – A spray mop! It’s a flat head mop with an attached spray bottle so that there’s no bucket required. It’s been a godsend for my wooden floors and is easy enough for my eldest to use too! 


Sarah – Place newspaper on the top of kitchen units to catch the grease. Change each quarter and it will save you having to scrub the grease away. 


Rebecca – Do a little each day. Set a target of three or four things a day and go from there. Doing a bit each day not only stops things piling up but also means you get to do different things so you don’t lose the motivation!


Kate – Learn to delegate jobs and also get the children involved. If everybody has something they are responsible for that week it all quickly adds up and makes the whole house feel tidier with little effort. 


Sarah – Do one room at a time and pace yourself or you’ll feel overwhelmed at the larger task at hand! 


Michelle – Put some ‘feel good’ music on and sing/dance whilst you’re doing it and it will feel like less of a chore 


Hannah – Lists, lists and more lists. My 3,2 and 1 year old help me with the small jobs.
I also put things into piles in the middle of the room of where they go and once everything’s in a pile I put away.


Emily – Clean the bathroom while the kids are in the bath! Waiting until they’re out to do the tub itself 😂 


Emma – White vinegar, water and lavender oil make the best homemade surface cleanser! It’s cheap to make, easy to do, lasts ages and can clean almost every surface. 


Jenny – If you’re deep cleaning tackle one room a day. Empty the room as much as you can so you can pull out furniture and get in the crevices. Once your one room is done, stop. You might feel like you’re on a roll, but if you overdo it, you’ll feel less inclined to clean the next day!


Charlotte – Have a good declutter! There’s nothing worse than cleaning and tidying stuff that you don’t want anyway. Make decluttering part of your routine and you’ll have less to clean in the long run.


Erica – Make use of ‘dead time’. If the kettle is on, empty the dishwasher. If the sink is filling with water, wipe down the surfaces. If you are waiting for a pot to boil, clear out a shelf in the fridge or a kitchen cupboard.



I hope these tips help you to keep your inner Mrs Hinch Happy. For more home-related posts click here.




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