Rain Rain Go Away – 5 Activities To Enjoy When The Weather Is Bad.


After the festive season has passed, and the excitement of the new year has been and gone, the cold, winter weather is certainly unwelcome. Spring seems like a lifetime away and we find most of our weekends stuck indoors and waiting for the bad weather to pass.

Of course, there’s nothing better than spending time with your children, but when you’re all stuck indoors it’s not long before the arguments start, and cabin fever sets in! Sounds familiar, right? So, to help you through those rainy weekends at home, I’ve listed my favourite indoor activities that will keep the kids busy and occupied. 

Read on for 5 activities to enjoy when the weather is bad.

Break out the colouring pens

Sometimes, it’s the simplest activities that are the best. And getting the kids to sit down at the kitchen table, away from their screens for an hour or so is ideal. Dig out those colouring pens and colouring books. If they don’t have any colouring books right now, don’t worry. You can print off colouring pages for free online – click here if you’re looking for cheap printer ink. Believe it or not, the concentration required to colour is akin to the concentration needed to meditate. Which makes this calming activity soothing for everyone. 

Have an indoor picnic

Break up the middle of the day nicely, with an unexpected picnic – indoors! Find the picnic blanket and put it down in the living room, let the kids choose their lunches, and make sure you have plenty of additional snacks and some healthier options for them to enjoy. Let them help you make the sandwiches, so they’re more involved and occupied for longer.


Baking is a great activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. If you have children of varying ages then you can allocate age-appropriate tasks for them. For example, older children can read out the instructions and help with the measuring. While younger children can do the mixing. And of course, everyone can enjoy licking the spoons! Baking gets messy so make sure the children get involved in the washing and tidying up too! 

Host a movie afternoon

These dark afternoons are ideal for creating the perfect home-movie atmosphere. Choose a film that they’ll all enjoy to avoid arguments. Get the kids to design tickets to the afternoon movie showing. Put out pillows, blankets, bean bags and cushions for everyone to relax on and provide plenty of snacks. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Get tidying

When the kids are complaining that they have nothing to do and that they’re bored, take the opportunity to help them go through their toys and bedroom clutter and decide what should be donated to charity and what they should keep. Reducing the clutter in their rooms means that they’ll have more room to play, they’ll re-discover old toys that they forgot they had, and they’ll be more inclined to play in their bedrooms away from tablets and screens. 



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