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Smile Brilliant Teeth

I am a total teeth whitening virgin, apart from using a brightening toothpaste & electric toothbrush. I love my coffee and the occasional glass of red wine so I did feel my teeth needed something extra to help remove the build-up of stains. I had seen adverts for teeth whitening treatments done by beauticians, spoke to my dentist who wanted an eye-watering fee to whiten my teeth and looked over complicated at-home whitening systems in Boots. Then Smile Brilliant ( who I have previously worked with ) asked if I wanted to review their teeth whitening system and this sounded like the perfect opportunity to get my teeth back to gleaming white.


Smile Brilliant Teeth

Smile Brilliant is based over in America but don’t let that put you off. You simply order your Whitening System pack online, choosing either 9,18 or 27 applications depending on how stained your teeth are and within a week your package is in your hand. The teeth whitening trays are custom made so my first job was to make my moulds. The process is really easy but I would advise to read over the instructions a couple of times and make sure you have time to get them right. Simply add the 2 pastes together, pop into the tray mounds and then gently insert into your mouth for 3 minutes. There are a spare 2 pots of paste in case you make a mistake but I found it quite straight forward.

Once the moulds had been done I then sent them back in the pre-addressed envelope, postage cost roughly £4.00 from the UK. Within 10 days my custom fit Smile Brilliant trays were back and I could start trying the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System.

It’s recommended to so the system in the evening after you have finished eating as you can have your trays in for up to 3 hrs and it’s best not to eat or drink for an hour after completing the process. To start you give you teeth a quick brush with water ( no toothpaste ) line the top and bottom trays with a thin ribbon of whitening gel and then pop them into your mouth. I found it easiest to start the whitening process just before my evening skincare routine and watching a film or Netflix soon helped pass a couple of hours without even noticing. I didn’t find the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System uncomfortable or that it made my teeth overly sensitive. I did feel a slight tingle while the whitening gel was working on the stains but nothing that made me want to remove them. The system comes with desensitizing gel which you put in your trays for 20 minutes after the whitening process. This did relieve any lingering tingling sensation and was also great for keeping strains from penetrating my teeth when I ate again the next morning.


Smile Brilliant Teeth


Smile Brilliant Teeth

As you can see from the photo’s below I had stains mainly at the tops of my teeth next to the gum line and the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System was a quick and easy way to remove the build-up. I found that using the system every other night for a week gave me the optimum results and now I do a weekly whitten to keep my teeth looking shiny. I have enjoyed trying the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System and at $149 ( £116.00 ) it’s a fraction of the cost of the £700 I was quoted by my Dentist.

As I am sure you know I take A LOT of pictures and always felt self-conscious of the stains on my teeth. Trialling the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System has helped with my confidence to smile again. No longer do I have to do the mean and moody Victoria Beckham pout, I can proudly show off my beautiful stain-free teeth.

I really like the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System as now I have custom trays I can just reorder the whitening & desensitizing gel and save money on having to buy a brand new system.


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Smile Brilliant Teeth


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