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Yesterday I spent nearly 10 hours at my laptop working 😳⁣

What got me through the long slog was the thought of my weekly facial treatment using my Sensilift by Sensica 😇⁣

I’m on week 3 and already my skin is looking a lot smoother and refreshed.⁣

I love the whole experience of using the Sensilift and for a girl who would normally spend £50 – £100 a month on facials, this has become my skins new best friend.⁣

Click play on my latest IGTV video above to take a look at a full demo. ⁣

It was about 10.30 pm when I filmed this so apologies for the poor lighting but just goes to show how excited I was to finally finish for the day and enjoy a late-night pamper. ⁣

For more details about the Sensilift and other at-home beauty products by Sensica, click here: Sensica






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