Saying goodbye to an old friend


You may have noticed a name change over on the blog. Nope, this is not a sign of my impending divorce. It’s just simply me closing one chapter of my life and opening another.

The UnNatural Mother was born 4 years ago during Maternity Leave, partly from boredom, partly from needing a purpose other than being a Mummy.

She gave me an excuse not to do the housework and dare I say it I loved the feeling when you all commented on my posts.

She was the reason I quit my corporate career and has been the backbone of building my own business. That kick-ass voice in my head, telling me to keep going.

Over the years my funny stories of exploding poo’s and leaking boobs turned to posts about fashion, beauty and travel.  As she grew The UnNatural Mother became less about being a mother and more about being Becci who’s also a Mother.

There aren’t going to be any radical changes to the look of the blog. The kids will still feature from time to time, but as hard as it is to close a 4-year chapter, I’m ready to wave The UnNatural Mother off into Retirement and start a new page.

So, I hope you will stick with me for the next 4 years as I write about life in my late 30’s, the ongoing quest to stop wrinkles & clawing my social life back one cocktail bar at a time.


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