It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s o.k if you are the worst teacher in the world – You’re a Mummy, not a Maths Professor ( If you are, then do feel free to drop me a message as I have 2 weeks worth of homework for you )

It’s o.k to burn the fairy buns you ‘tried’ to make with the kids – There is a reason Mr Kipling is still going strong after 50 years

It’s ok if your normal family routine has gone out of the window – You are just creating the plot for Lord of the  Flies Part 2

It’s ok if you miss your mum and you hate to admit it but you could really do with some of her words of wisdom right now – She is always at the end of the phone

It’s ok if the only ‘me’ time you can get is the weekly ASDA shop and you spend an extra 1/2 an hour reading Vogue in the magazine aisle – It’s the first time since giving birth you have had the chance to read a magazine in peace.

It’s ok to feel like running a marathon one day and barley having the motivation to get off the couch the next – Just go with how your feeling on that day

It’s ok to wash and pack the kids overnight bags ready for when they can finally go stay at Grandmas – You are just being productive and planning ahead.

It’s ok to miss your job – It’s more than the money, it’s the sense of self-accomplishment you got from working.

It’s ok if you need 5 minutes in the garden away from the kids – Fresh air is the best cure for everything

It’s o.k if you sign up to online Yoga classes, then quit 5 minutes into the first session – Go and ‘ Namaste ‘ the Galaxy chocolate bar in the fridge

It’s ok to feel like you are scared, struggling, tearful, tired, fed up, frustrated, need space, need help – Life isn’t a carefully edited Instagram picture


The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness week is Kindness, be kind to yourself, It’s OK





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