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I think we all know how much I love taking photos . Of the kids , holidays , family and friends. I have a camera phone and I am not afraid to use it . Even during lockdown I was snapping away in the garden and on the rare trip out . 2020 may have cancelled many of our plans as a family but it didn’t cancel me documenting the kids as they grow up.

Photography is a huge part of my home and working life. I love sharing our adventures on social media but mostly using photography as art to personalise our house. I started using Rebel Moments earlier this year to send personalised gifts to our family and friends we couldn’t see during lockdown.

Sadly the Grandparents weren’t able to join us for Birthdays this year , so I arranged for photo books of each of the kids’ days to be sent to them so they felt they didn’t totally miss out. When I broke my precious mug featuring the kids on the beach in Mexico , Lee simply ordered me a bigger and better replacement from Rebel Moments .

Compared to other online sites offering personalised gifts, Rebel Moments gifts are produced to a much higher standard. The picture quality is always clear and the choice of designs unique. What I really love about Rebel is how easy it is to upload photos and create the gifts. Like many people I use my phone to take most of my photos so naturally I use that to create my projects. It’s very easy to navigate the site and upload photos directly from your phone. This could also be done from your laptop if you have your photos saved on a file. Free postage with all orders is also a life saver.



We decided to create our own 2020 photo book to look back and remember our time in lockdown. It was an opportunity for both me and Lee to spend more time with the kids , be more creative with our activities and take life a little bit more slowly. One of the kids favourite things to do is to sit and look through the book and talk about each photo. Most comes with a funny story that we can all sit and laugh about.

With the extended lockdown and possibility of not seeing all our family over the holidays , we will be taking full advantage of Rebel Moments Christmas range to design our own tree ornaments and 2021 calendars so our family won’t be missing our faces for too long.



I really do treasure my personalised gifts from Rebel Moments.Now the kids are back at school and the house is once again silent. I need  only to make myself a cup of tea to see them smiling back at me.

So if you are looking for a personalised gift for your loved ones this year , look no further than Rebel Moments. Helping you treasure your special moments forever.


As a special bonus for all my readers Rebel Moments are offering two discounts 15% off any full price items on the site using code Rebel2020. 

And ………………

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