Tips for Celebrating a Second Wedding Anniversary

Your second anniversary might not sound like it’s as much of a big deal as your first, or your tenth. But every year you spend with the love of your life is another year worth celebrating. Just like every other year of your marriage, the second year that you spend with your other half comes with a bunch of wonderful symbols and traditions associated with it. 

By the time you celebrate your second anniversary with your spouse, you’re usually going to be pretty cosy with your partner, and happy to have woven your life with that person. That’s why cotton is a very symbolic and valuable traditional gift for year two of your marriage. Let’s take a closer look at the traditions you can use when giving gifts for your second year together. 

Second Year Traditional Symbols and Gifts

The traditional gift for the second year of your wedding anniversary is cotton, and it’s a very meaningful gift. Cotton might not seem like much, but it indicates that you and your partner are comfortable in each other’s company – like a cosy blanket. It also highlights the interwoven nature of your lives, and how durable and inseparable the relationship between you has become. 

Cotton is a versatile and durable material – which are two great qualities to have in any marriage. It also happens to be a very diverse option for gift giving for the lady in your life, because there’s no limit to what you can potentially get your partner. You might invest in some high thread count sheets for the bed that you share together for instance, or a pair of cotton robes. You could get a beautiful outfit for your other half, and then invite them out on a date in it. 

Cotton gifts can also expand to cover everything from cushions to napkins and cotton lingerie. You could invest in a cotton hammock for relaxing in the garden, or cotton printed artwork. There are even classes where you can go and dye cotton with your partner and make each other tie-dye accessories. 

Other Symbolic Gifts for Year Two

If you’re thinking of going beyond the standard cotton symbolic gift idea, then there are lots of other options available. The more contemporary gift usually associated with this year is China, which symbolizes fragility – but also highlights the elegance and beauty of your love. For year number two, china is a good indication that your marriage is still fresh, something that you need to cherish and protect – but it’s also something beautiful and rare. 

There are tons of great ways to give china as a gift. You could go and paint china vases together at a class, or give each other fine china teapots and dinnerware that you can only get out in future for special occasions – like your anniversary dinner. There are some locations that even create customised china that include your name or a unique design. 

If you and your partner love flowers, then you could invest in a china vase that’s beautiful enough to showcase the official flower of the second wedding anniversary – which is the cosmos. This wonderful flower symbolizes modesty, but it’s also all about life and vibrancy. The cosmos comes in a variety of colors, including the traditional colors of the second wedding anniversary, which is usually red. 

Making the Most of Your Second Anniversary

For an unforgettable second wedding anniversary, why not consider investing in a piece of jewellery that contains the official gemstone for the year – which is garnet. It’s no surprise that garnet is a great choice for an anniversary gem, in it’s bright pink and red hues. Garnet is beautifully romantic, with a fiery red sparkle that’s sure to highlight the heat of your marriage. 

The garnet can be a beautiful gift to give on your second wedding anniversary, but you can also find slightly cheaper versions of red gem stones if you want to go for something a little more affordable. Don’t forget that you can always go beyond the traditional gifts of the second year and make a tradition of your own too. You could consider making the theme of your second year together music, or dancing, and go for a night on the town – bonus points if you’re wearing garnet earrings. 

Alternatively, just enjoy a cosy night in together with all the things you love, including a beautiful cotton throw that you can snuggle up underneath as the evening gets colder. Good luck having a great second anniversary. 



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