The #TheFoodieBag – Review

If you follow me over on Instagram , you will know my love of sharing what i eat in a day with my followers. I try to get creative and make my food look as appitising as possible and inspire people in the kitchen .I have several different backgrounds i use for my food styling but to let you into a secret they are normally old bit of wallpaper which sadly get ripped and torn easily . When I heard about the  #TheFoodieBag I was most interested to see what i could create using it’s contents.



Created In collaboration with phone photographer Matt Inwood and stylist Sophie Purser the #TheFoodieBag contains everything needed to take an amateur food photographer like me to a Michelin Star worthy work of art.

In each #TheFoodieBag you get :

A 12oz black canvas bag with internal pocket, mesh divider and zip closure. 5 in 1 pop up reflector, 8 postcards set with handy tips and 4 photographic backdrops.


Thanks to the amazing tips and tricks from Matt who is a renowned phone photographer it made creating these pictures really fun and easy. The four different backgrounds are big enough to flat lay several different dishes and the textures worked well to give life to the photos. It was my 1st time using a  photographic reflector and diffuser, but I was able to create some amazing shadows on the photo above.

You don’t even need a fancy camera to create these types of the photos as all I used was my trusty iPhone 8 and VSCO app to quicky edit them.

I really enjoy using the #TheFoodieBag daily to share my food creations with my followers. It’s so quick and easy to use and the storage bag means it’s kept clean and safe away from the kids.

For less than £40.00 it’s a total musty have for any budding foodie or photographer.

For more details or to purchase you can click here:


#PR-Product kindly gifted in return for an honest review.



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