5 Ways to Travel Like a Millionaire — on a Budget

We are all dreaming of a summer holiday to an exotic island but after a tough 12 months, most of our bank balances do not match those dreams. What if you could still holiday in style like a Millionaire but not pay like one? Here are a few tips to help you make your holiday dreams come true.

Skip the Hotel

Forget about that expensive hotel and search for a luxury apartment or villa on Airbnb. Savings can be as much as 68% compared to a 5-star resort. This way you can also save on food and drink bills by cooking and BYOB instead of the usual £20.00 club sandwich and £15 martini.


Visit in the Off-Season

If you really want to stay in a 5-star hotel then save money by booking the off-season. Check the dates of all school holidays, local festivals & events and stay clear during those periods. The room, view, service and amenities will all be the same but the rate can be less than 1/2 the price out of season


Go Off the Beaten Track

 Instead of heading to  New York or a lively resort in Mexico why not choose a luxury holiday in a  slower-paced destination like Thailand or Puru. You will still be able to benefit from the 5-star treatment and accommodation but at a much lower cost. One of the main benefits of this is you get to enjoy your holiday at your own pace in much less crowded destinations.


Avoid extra in-flight costs 

Don’t buy a ticket on a cheap airline then spend £100 on food and drink on board. Grab your Tupperware boxes and fill them with yummy treats and snacks for the journey. Stock up on water and soft drinks from the shops airside and save yourself a small fortune. Let’s face it who wants to pay £10 for a warm glass of wine and a cheese toastie that tastes like cardboard ??


Use Loyalty programmes and Ask for Upgrades

If you are a frequent traveller then join the airline/hotels loyalty scheme. If you can, try to travel with the same Airline each time and stay with the same hotel group. Not only will you be able to redeem the points against your stay but also it will give you leverage to ask for free upgrades & extras.




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