A Beautiful Adventure with Prickles the Hogglypot

As a family, we spend most of our weekends outdoors exploring woodlands and enjoying nature. Both Harry and Charley love nothing more than bug hunting and looking for animals as we walk along. I am a huge believer in letting children’s imaginations run wild so when Charley tells me in great detail about the Ladybirds house among the Bluebells or the Squirrels family up high in the trees I enjoy listening to her animated fairy tales.

Now both kids are at school we encourage independent reading but we still think it’s important to read together as a family each evening. The average child spends 4.5 hours a day looking at a screen and for adults that number goes up to 8.5 hours. We have found that spending an hour each night away from our phones and Ipads, chatting to the kids about their day and reading a book together has helped the children settle for bed.

When it comes to storytime, animal adventures always come top of the list. The kids most recent favourite book is Prickles the Hogglypot all about a mischievous hedgehog and his nighttime adventure. Written and illustrated by Andy Edwardson, Prickles the Hogglypot was created after Andy suffered a heart attack in July last year. While he recuperated at home he noticed a hedgehog visiting the garden each night and being an enthusiastic storyteller and devoted Grandad he decided to make this spikey little visitor into an enchanting character for his first children’s book.

We love this book as it’s a lovely gentle read with a heroic theme. It makes a brilliant nighttime story and both Harry and Charley are always bursting with more stories after each read. It’s also very funny and the kids enjoy making the sound effects as we go through the book. I would definitely say that Prickles the Hogglypot would suit children aged 1-9. Harry can confidently read the whole book himself while Charley can pick out some of the shorter words as I read it to her.

Andy has told us he intends to write more books about Prickles and his friends and we are very excited to read all about their next series of adventures. The book has received so many amazing reviews online and I can see why people are loving it. I don’t think anyone needs an excuse to buy a fabulous children’s book but I hope my review of why we love Prickles the Hogglypot will inspire you to purchase a copy and enjoy storytime with your family.


The book is on sale for £4.99 and can be purchased by clicking the image below 


You can also follow Prickles & his friend’s adventures here :











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