Keeping the Flames Burning with IDentity Lingerie

Just like Marilyn Monroe, I normally wore nothing to bed except a spritz of perfume and a cheeky smile. Got to keep those flames burning after 14 years of marriage. My best friend worried about another type of flame and asked what I would do in case of a fire. Would I allow myself to be rescued butt naked?

If the truth be known I had never found nightwear that was stylish and practical. First ( as we already know ) I have a large bust that needs support which most PJ’s / Nightgowns don’t offer. Second, I would never be seen dead walking into the bedroom with Snoopy or some hideous flowery pattern across my top. So how do you keep the flames of passion alight and be respectable enough in case Fireman Sam needs to throw you over his shoulder ( while doing his job )?

The Answer

IDentity Lingerie. It was like hitting gold when I found the website. Not only do they stock the most beautiful ladies silk pyjamas, but they also have matching underwear to go underneath. Handmade from Japanese silk the PJ’s are so light to wear and ultra-soft against the skin. I decided to go for the short pyjamas in navy blue but there are plenty of different colours and style options on the website. What I really loved is I could order the matching silk & lace Bralette and panties to go underneath the pyjamas. That way my boobs would feel fully supported and if I was feeling in the ‘mood’ I would already be wearing a stunning set of underwear to tease the husband in.


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With most of us now in the habit of rocking our loungewear at home this combination of lace and silk gives casual living a kick up the bum. I like to wear the pyjamas open with just a hint of the see thru lace bralette showing. You could also wear the bralette under a blazer or white shirt on a night out.

I love that IDentity Lingerie is a Small family-run brand from Lincolnshire and all their products are handmade in Europe by qualified experienced artisans. Rather than feeling like I am wearing a mass-produced item anyone can buy, the cut and detail of the pieces from IDentity Lingerie are more like wearing one of kind couture.

So I would definitely say I have solved the problem of my burning flames. The Hubby is more than happy with my new ‘HOT ‘ bedroom attire and in case Fireman Sam does need to visit I can now look elegant as he throws me over his shoulder  ( once again in the line of duty )






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