So This Is 40

Why Hello 40 !! I feel like my 40s are an invite to a VIP party. Gone are the days of nappies and children attached to me by the hip. My 40s will be about building back my life and having fun. I don’t regret one day of Motherhood but Jesus it can be soul-destroying at times.


My 30th Birthday was spent sober and pregnant. No big party, just a small meal out to which I had to leave early due to being morning sickness ( that lasted all day ). My 40th on the other hand has turned into a year-long celebration. Several fancy meals already attended, more booked over the next few months and  2 girls’ weekends away. As I turned 40 I had a 9 and 6 yr old, both requiring a lot less of my time, with their own little lives and groups of friends. I am taking the opportunity to build my own social life back up and pretty much saying yes to every event I am invited to.

I am excited for the next 10 years of my marriage. Our bed no longer inhabits 2 kids, night feeds are a thing of the past and God forbid we may even sneak off on a few nights away. Though at the time we decided not to have any more children it felt like a stabbing at my heart, now it’s a big relief to know that stage of life is firmly behind me. I can stroll down the street hand in hand with my husband without a pram or having to stop a Speedy Gonzales toddler from running into the road. 40 feels calmer already, let’s raise a glass to that !!



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