Why you need to visit St Andrews Old Course in Scotland ( Even if you dont like golf )

We recently visited St Andrews Old Course as part of our 16th Wedding Anniversary weekend away. Well, you maybe think you have never heard me talk about my passion for golf and that would be because I don’t have one !! But when your husband has been dreaming of visiting for the course for over 10 years and you are a geeky history buff you agree to a tour and the chance to grab some iconic photos.

Let’s start by saying if you are looking for a truly exceptional golfing experience, there’s simply no place quite like the hallowed grounds of the St Andrews Old Course in Bonnie Scotland. Now, let me tell you why this revered golfing destination should be on every golfer’s bucket list.

First and Foremost

St Andrews is the birthplace of golf as we know it. The Old Course, dating back over six centuries, holds an unrivalled historical significance in the sport. It’s where the game evolved from humble beginnings to the global phenomenon we cherish today. Walking along the fairways, you can almost feel the weight of history, envisioning the legends of the past battling it out in epic duels.

But it’s not just the historical aura that sets St Andrews apart; it’s the sheer majesty of the course itself. The rugged coastal beauty of this Scottish gem is simply awe-inspiring. As you swing your club, the North Sea breeze gently caresses your face, adding an extra touch of challenge and excitement to your game. With its rolling fairways, undulating greens, and strategically placed bunkers, the Old Course presents an irresistible challenge even to the most seasoned golfer.

Iconic Landmarks

The Swilcan Bridge, standing proudly on the 18th hole, is a symbol of tradition and camaraderie among golfers. Stepping across its hallowed arches is like traversing a bridge between the past and present, connecting you with generations of golfers who have come before such as Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, and Jack Nicklaus. You’ll learn about their achievements and the impact they’ve had on the game.

Watch Out For The 17th

A must during your tour is to visit the Jigger Inn where you can enjoy a drink and some fabulous food while watching golf balls fly past your head ( I’m not kidding ) It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the full view of the course and spend a couple of hours relaxing.


If you have the opportunity to tee off on the St Andrews Old Course,  seize it with both hands (for reference, the process of booking is nothing less than a lottery) It’s a pilgrimage every golfer should make at least once in their lifetime. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a humble amateur, this historic links course offers an experience that transcends the boundaries of the sport. So pack your best walking shoes, prepare to be enchanted by the surroundings, and find a little spark of love for the game of golf.


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