10 Helpful Tips if Your Child is Starting School in September

Starting school can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for children and parents. As a mum who has just watched her 1st born complete his Primary school education I thought I would share a few pearls of wisdom. It’s important to prepare your child for this new chapter in their life. To help ease the transition and ensure a successful start, here are ten helpful tips to make the beginning of school a positive experience for your little one.

Establish a Routine:

Start implementing a consistent daily routine a few weeks before school begins. Set regular wake-up and bedtime schedules to help your child adjust to the school routine more smoothly. Having a structured routine will also aid in developing healthy habits and ensure they are well-rested and ready for the day ahead.

Visit the School:

Arrange a visit before the first day. Familiarise your child with the new environment, classrooms, and playground. Meeting their teacher and seeing other students can help alleviate any anxiety they may have and make them feel more comfortable when they start.

Talk About School:

Engage your child in conversations about school. Discuss the exciting things they will learn and the new friends they will make. Encourage their curiosity and address any concerns they may have. Open communication will help build their confidence and excitement for this new adventure.

Practice Self-Help Skills:

Teach your child some basic self-help skills, such as using the toilet independently, washing hands, and putting on and taking off their shoes. These skills will not only foster independence but also make them more self-reliant in the school environment.

Read Together:

Reading with your child is an excellent way to cultivate their love for books and learning. Explore age-appropriate stories about starting school, friendships, and classroom experiences. This will help them relate to the situations they may encounter and understand that school is a fun and enriching place.

Label Belongings:

Labelling your child’s belongings, including backpack, lunchbox, and clothing, will help prevent any mix-ups or lost items. Involve your child in this process and make it a fun activity by using colourful labels or allowing them to decorate their belongings.

Foster Independence:

Encourage your child to do tasks independently, such as dressing themselves and packing their school bag. This promotes self-confidence and prepares them for the responsibilities they will have at school. However, provide support and assistance when needed to build their skills gradually.

Plan Healthy Lunches:

Involve your child in planning and preparing their school lunches. Encourage nutritious choices and involve them in selecting fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This way, they will have a balanced meal that fuels their learning throughout the day. If your child will be having school dinners then request the menu from the school ( the local council publish a menu every term ) and get them excited about what they will be eating. It’s also a great opportunity to build up confidence in using Cutterly.

Arrange Playdates:

If possible, arrange playdates with other children who will be attending the same school. This gives your child an opportunity to make new friends before the first day. Familiar faces can provide comfort and make the initial transition less daunting. You also have the opportunity to chat with the other parents/carers and make some friends. The school drop / off pick up is much easier when you also have some friendly faces to chat to.

Be Positive and Supportive:

Above all, maintain a positive and supportive attitude about starting school. Your child will take cues from you, so if you display excitement and confidence, they are more likely to feel the same. Celebrate each milestone and offer encouragement throughout this new journey.


Starting school in September is an important milestone in your child’s life. By implementing these helpful tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition. From establishing routines to fostering independence and building friendships, these preparations will empower your child to embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm and confidence. Remember, your support and encouragement are key to making this an exciting and positive experience for your little one.

Good Luck



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