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YHA Castleton Losehill Hall Overnight Stay & Review #AD-PressTrip

A couple of weeks ago you will have seen some comical pictures of me walking up a hill in the Peak District in wellies & a waterproof jacket ( not a Gucci belt in sight). It may not have been my usual attire or a location you would normally find me on a Tuesday afternoon, but can I let you know what an amazing experience…

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Christmas Party Edit : ASOS

Yes, Ladies, November is upon us and the search for the perfect Chrismas Party Outfit has begun. It’s far too cold to go out shopping so let good old ASOS deliver you a nice selection to make your choice from. Everything from sequins to little black dresses. It’s your time to shine and hit the dance floor. If you cant shake your tail feather at…

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Forbrain Multisensory Headset Review #AD

We have been using the Forbrain Multisensory Headset for nearly 4 months now and before writing a review I wanted to thoroughly test it out. Harry has been a little bit slower than his classmates at getting the hang of phonics and general reading so we thought this would be good to try. It was always a struggle to get him to sit and read…

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#Ten_Things_That_Make_Me_Happy Tag

    As it’s cold & grey and too early to get out the Xmas decorations, I thought I would cheer myself up by listing 10 Things That Make Me Happy. It’s a very therapeutic exercise to do when you are feeling glum so feel free to grab a pen & paper and join in at home. Here goes …….. 1.Writing Writing has been my…

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Kids Cool Halloween Fashion

  Halloween doesn’t have to mean tacky polyester costumes and plastic masks. There is a wide selection of  Kids Cool Halloween Fashion available in stores and online to get the kids in the spirit of Halloween without the need for fake blood smeared across your cream sofa. Stop buying a costume that will only be worn once, probably fall to pieces on the night and…

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Autumn Fashion : Teddy Coat Edit

Teddy coats are back again for another Autumn / Winter season. Everyone from Max Mara to Primark has their racks full of them in every length and colour. They are the perfect coat for keeping you warm in the early autumn breeze and can be layered over a leather jacket or blazer in Winter. I have chosen my top 5 Teddy Coats from the high…

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Simple yet effective ways to gain control of your money #AD

  We all lead busy lives. So, finding the time to budget and manage our money effectively is tricky. It is a task that tends to gradually get pushed down the list of priorities. In part because it takes so long to sign in to each account, get the figures and pull together all of your receipts so that you can update your budgeting spreadsheets.…

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A Summer Of Fun With Tiny Pop + Competition #AD

  Tiny Pop Summer Snaps Competition Earlier this week me & Harry were invited to an event on Blackpool beach hosted by Tiny Pop to celebrate the Tiny Pop Summer Snaps competition. Viewers can enter by customising their favourite summer holiday fun photos on the POP FUN app or website for the chance to wins loads of great prizes! Click HERE for details of how to…

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Simple Happy Parenting – Review & Giveaway #AD

I was given Simple Happy Parenting well over a month ago to review. Normally I can easily read a book and have a post published within a week, but for me to truly give an honest opinion on the book we as a family had to live a simpler life. We didn’t part exchange the BMW for a cart and buggy and my designer handbags didn’t…

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Coral Island Blackpool – Schools Out For Summer #AD

We have just returned from our 3rd visit to Coral Island Blackpool. Our previous visits were in April last year & then again at Easter this year. As a family, we love visting Coral Island so much that we decided to go again to celebrate Harry’s 7th Birthday and take Uncle Danny along with us to show him around. The main reason we keep going…

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